Second Deal in the works

Second Deal in the works

I just found a very nice 4 bdrm 2.5bath home in Salem, OR. It was purchased by the owner 2 years ago, and he has never lived in it NOR rented it !!!! The home was built in 2005 and purchased for 100K by the original owner. He sold it 6 mos later for $175K A nice "FLIP" if I might say. The current owner is from Pakistan, and he unwittingly purchased the home when the downward trend was well underway. He has sat on the home for 2 years, and the Agent at the open house flat out told me that he would VERY likely finance the home NO MONEY DOWN. The house is VERY clean and basically NEW. If all goes well I will have the home locked asap, and I told the agent my price was going to be $145K even though they are asking 199K. She told me that the owner is VERY LIKELY to take the offer. MOTIVATED SELLER Smiling Anyway....just an update.....Hope to be one who can PROVE that NO MONEY DOWN is a reality. Once I prove that to myself....The world will be my Oyster. I will fill in the financing details once we finalize this....OH and also...I just found a Quadplex...2 duplexes on ONE tax lot. Seems to have about a 600 a month pos cash flow and the owner is willing to do a lease option. 100% occupied. Just emailed the owner for more info Smiling.....

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