foreclosure finder site

foreclosure finder site

Hello to all.....I am so super excited to be a part of the DG Family!! I am fairly new and have been spending all of my time reading and soaking in all of the wonderful information on guys have so much great info here that I feel I am ready to find and purchase homes(I already have several that I think would make great deals) I just have to figure out how to find buyers in my area!!!!! I wanted to let those of you who don't know already about a great site I stumbled on while searching for foreclosure props.
It is......

I have done some searching on this site and found some great homes....and it really is totally free!! You can seach by state then down to by city. They list Gov. foreclosures, REO props, bank foreclosures, HUD forclorsures and more. I have found it helpful so far and just wanted to share it with the DG Family....would love to hear thoughts on the site from some of the more seasoned members here!!

And thank you to everyone here who provides so mush wonderful and useful information!!!


Helpful property research sites

After reading Formykids post, I though I would add a couple of sites that have been very helpful in researching property over the internet for me. 1) has lots of public record type information on property plus maps and comparables and it's FREE. 2), by typing in the address of the property your interested in you can take a photographic tour of the surrounding neighborhood as well as a street side view of the property your interested in. When you do visit the property you will feel like you've been there already! Hope these help.

dkreed58 thank you for the

dkreed58 thank you for the is alway helpful to be armed with more information.............the DG Family working together is what I like to see here!!