Vacant homes

Vacant homes

I was just wondering the best route to take when trying to purchase a vacant home. I have seen numerous homes that are completely empty and need work.Wher do I start first.


Jason A

Vacant Homes

Jason a great way to start is to visit the town tax assesors office.
There I would find out the owners name and address and look into if he or she is paying their taxes. You can also see when the house was purchased and for how much. If property and school taxes aren't being paid the owner is most likely in distress and not paying the mortgage would be the next process leading them to forclosure.

I'm yet to find a good letter to send to homeowners in this scenerio and I welcome all comments and proven example letters for contacting these homewners.

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Hi Jason!

Welcome to the DG family, glad to have you here. Johns' right, send the letter I left on his post. It's a great one I've used myself. Send follow up letters too, don't just stop at one, many new investors make that mistake, one letter just won't do it. Persistence pays!

Good luck to you both!


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Also you might want to try neighbors and the mail-man. These people are invaluable to find out the info you are looking for.Just a helpful hint and i am sure there will be more to come

letter on the door

Jason A.

While I have not tried this yet, I have been watching a house in our neighborhood sit vacant for quite awhile. I noticed some activity this week which indicates to me that it might be going up for sale REO (plowing, tire tracks), so I thought I'd better make a move (It might already be too late. shame on me)

Anyway, I hand-wrote this letter to put on the door. We'll see if I get any response. I left it kind of generic because I don't know if it will be the owner, a realtor, a bank rep, a neighbor, etc. that might read it. Maybe I'll end up with a good bird-dog out of the deal. never know. I thought about offering a $500 reward (finders fee), but then decided against it.


To whom it may concern…

I have noticed this house vacant for quite awhile. I don’t know of the circumstances, but I would be very interested in buying it if it becomes available. If you are reading this and have any information that would help me in finding the owner, I would love to hear from you.

My number is ***-***-6132

Thank you.

A neighbor,

Rina Krisak



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Thanks everyone!!

Thank you all for your input. I was also wondering how do I find out if the city or county owns the house?


Jason A


You need to find the owner. Obviously, they dont live THERE but they do live somewhere.

At the tax assessor's office, you can get the owner's name and SOME address. (It might be the property address if they used to live there.)

Skip tracers can help if you want to lay out some money.

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