Investors from Outside US

Investors from Outside US

I am US Green Card holder living and running a real estate company from Dubai, UAE. I believe many of you have heard about the boom in Dubai. However today investors are scared and are pulling out. Vulture funds are getting created to swipe properties are cheap prices.

I have many investors from different origins (now scared of the slowdown in Dubai) seeking real estate in US. They say Grass is always green on the other side. They are keen on housing, commercial and businesses as well. I believe there is a EB5 scheme to bring investors from outside to invest in US under which you get a temporary green card.

I write to you to understand if there are deals out there which I can package and take to investors in Dubai.

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Investment Green card

I looked into this specifically for some friends overseas. You can't get green card from buying properties in US. You can of course get investment green card by putting $1 M in the US to start a real business, have to hire certain number of US citizens and green card residents, plus, after doing this for two years in order to finally get green card.


I agree, only buying business will get you Immigrant Visa as you come under the EB5 program. Now the question is Do we have foreclosures for Business operatoins? if yes do they come or can they come under EB5 program?

check your pm

Hey ahemani I just sent you a pm, I left you my email so we can chat privately I will be waiting for your response. Thanks

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