Pre-Tax Sales w/ Outstanding Mortgage

Pre-Tax Sales w/ Outstanding Mortgage

...About 3am-ish, I was putting together a mailing list of owners whom may be facing foreclosure. (My list may be outdated, but I'm going for it anyway)In the midst of doing that, I decided to go to the city assessor's website to check to see how much the taxes may be on the properties, when I came across THE MOTHER LOAD of tax lien listings. And they're current. And they're liens that will be sold within the next 60 days. Some I know I won't be able to touch. For example: a building that has human resources (welfare) offices in it..... The only thing is the only chance I have of acquiring any of these properties is from the owners directly. (NYC doesn't allow individual investors to buy tax liens)

OK - So here's my question... If a $900,000 home has $20,000 in back taxes, what would any of you offer that home owner to sign over the deed?... and if [for example] they still owed (hypethetically] $400,000 on the property, how much should I offer to help them pay off some of that dept?

(Correct me if I'm wrong, but since the lender has a lien on the property as well, shouldn't they be contacted to ensure that once myself and the owner agrees on a number, that I will actually be able to take ownership? (assuming they come to an agreement to pay as much of the loan off as possible and cancel any other debt)... This isn't like buying a traditional tax lien from the government where I would be able to buy the lien and own it out-right)

Sorry Fam!! I know I have a lot of thoughts smimming through my head. I admit, I try to think of things from ALL angles. (sometimes it gets in the way of taking ACTION)

Let me know what you guys think. Any and all advice is welcomed.



I will have to look into

I will have to look into that I'm not sure......I will let you know what I find...

Short Sale

Sound to me like you have a short sale on your hands. From what I understand about short sales; you have to come to terms with the owner first and present the offer to the bank. The bank has to agree to write off the remainder as a loss, and it will affect the owners credit. Long process from what I have heard.

Is there anyone that has completed a short sale to help explain?