My possible first deal

My possible first deal

Ok.... here i am.... i just finished reading the book, i am all pumped up to start making things happen. I got my 800 number set up and i am working on some ads and flyers to get out there. then i get a phone call from someone from Coldwell banker who captured my info from some forclosure website i signed on to. she saent me a listing of forclosures in my are and i am saying to myself wow..... they are really agressive to get this info out here.

i went thru the listing and BOOM!!!!! there it was. There is a forclosed propery in a town not far from me that is unbelievably beautiful and is listed for 152K.... i dont know if anyone knows Long island but the crappy houses go for 250K minimum. this is a 6 bedroon 2.5 bath and is in great condition. i did all the research and the current market value is 350. i have seen it listed asd a FMV of close to 400.

I have one possible person i know who can pay cash for it but if that does not pan out. i want someone to walk me through how you would handle this Gift of a deal when you have no cash.

it would be such a great thing if my first deal was one that could net me such a great profit. heck i will even hold on to this one myself if i knew a creative way of getting it..

HELP!!!!!!! i want this one badly.