newbie's question of how to get start

newbie's question of how to get start

hi everyone!I recently just watched Dean's tv show of the book and purchased it. It sounds like a wonderful book, and i want to invest in real estate so bad. However, I'm afraid that I won't be successful, because I am Vietnamese, I'm still college students, and I just came to US 6 years ago. I am fluent in English, but I'm still really afraid of getting start:(. Do you guys have any advices? I'm really appreciate it



Hello newbie. I just happened to be a newbie too! I can suggest that you buy and read all of Dean's books and materials. I have just finished Be A Real Estate Millionaire and I got super excited about all the ways you can make money in real estate. I have ordered the Think A Little Different package and I can't wait to go through that and begin investing. I have already started looking for forclosures and homes where people are behind on their taxes and I have found a home that I am interested in greatly. It is actually behind the house I live in now. I am going to contact a realtor and start doing some research on it immediately. You hang in there and just get started. I think that is key. Good Luck!!!!

Read the forums

The forums have so much knowledge... the FAQ has a lot of answers in it:

In the forums, pay attention to the "sticky" posts. Those are the ones at the very top of the lists highlighted in blue.


Wait until you get the book, take the time to read it.

Anything new can be scary. In the meantime you have come to the right place, this site is the most inspirational RE place you could find on the planet. I am not kidding!
While you are waiting for the book to arrive, use the following link to help you navigate the site and stay inspired.

Good Luck!


The best time to start is now. You already found the best resource out there - Dean's books and the DG website. There is a wealth of information with these resources. You can do it! Through Dean's books, you will gather the knowledge and the courage you need to make it happen. Just remember, like with college, the more you perpare and learn the easier it is to succeed, The same is true for real estate. Learn, read and prepare because succuss will follow. Good luck with your real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Hi Tracy,

You have come to the right place. This is an opportunity that will probally be once in our life time! Dean's program offers the best resources to get to the level you want to go. At what ever pace you choose to run. Until you recieve the book, stay on this site and review all the info given from the different forums. You can start by writing some goals down. All that matters is to keep moving foward. Stay positive! Continued success................Lubertha