Spokane WA Foreclosure Listings

Spokane WA Foreclosure Listings

I look online and see many of the foreclosures on a list via the Online Tax Assessors Office. They also have an Online Property Tax (computerized) Platt chart system. When you see the property, you can then access the PLATT Chart system and actually see who owns the property, address, phone number if available, and every detail related to the property.

Now ask me why I'm not doing much? My wife is my naysayer and we live in low income housing...if I try to purchase a property to make our lives better, the housing authority will take away our current housing and throw us out on the street. until I find a way around this barrier to wealth, I must just sit tight. If anyone has any ideas I'd be more than willing to saddle up and sit tight to brainstorm and mindmap.

Thanks Pards!

Bill GAllant


Never Give Up, Never Surrender!


You live with a "dream stealer".

I finally got mine to move out....lol.
I'm in a similar situation and I'll tell you what is going on with me.

I looked up REI clubs in my area and through that I found an REI/attorney who was looking for a bird dog. We have exchanged a few emails and it looks like I am going to work very soon. I think this bird dogging thing is a great way to get started and learn the ropes from a seasoned REI. He also offered to teach me some things as we go along.....win/win.

Good luck.

ps....I'm not suggesting at all that you ditch your dream stealer... Smiling


Hi Bill,

How about looking at multi-family properties? (Not necessarily foreclosures).

If you could find a nice property with say 3 units and 2 of the units pay most of the mortagage ot better still all of it, maybe you could live in the 3rd unit yourself with your family for little or no cost! Often the owners of multi-family props. are investors themselves and might even finance some of sale for you.
See if your wife likes this idea.


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