Foreclosures In Canada

Foreclosures In Canada

I was just wondering there are any Canadian investors with any advice on the difference between buying foreclosures in Canada rather than the United States. This opportunity is huge and I cannot wait to get started. However, I would like to know how being in the Canadian market will affect my buying and selling processes.
Anything from different forms that are needed here, to if I should wait a few more months before starting. Waiting until things slow down in Canada (not that I won't be keeping my eye on the market anyhow.)

Any help is much much appreciated. Thank you.



Wow. I never would've though all the Canadians would be so greedy. I noticed after I posted this that there were other posts much like this one posted before. I'm a little suprised at how canadian's aren't willing to help out a fellow investor.

Could someone at least tell me if the forms I find on this site will be universal and I can use them for my Canadian deals? Or do I need to order the forms from one of the online Canadian companys selling the exact same forms for $200 total.