info on "closings" for anybody wanting the info

info on "closings" for anybody wanting the info

Closing - Also known as "escrow" or "settlement." The process of executing legally binding documents, such as deeds and mortgages most commonly associated with the purchase of real estate and the borrowing of money to assist in the purchase .
Closing Costs - The numerous expenses which buyers and sellers normally incur to complete a transaction in the transfer of ownership of real estate. These costs are in addition to price of the property and are items prepaid at the closing day. This is a typical list:

Buyer's Expenses:
Documentary Stamps on Notes
Recording Deed and Mortgage
Escrow Fees
Attorney's Fee
Title Insurance
Appraisal and Inspection
Survey Charge

Seller's Expenses:
Cost of Abstract
Documentary Stamps on Deed
Real Estate Commission
Recording Mortgage
Survey Charge
Escrow Fees
Attorney's Fees

prices vary state to state and title company to title company......

So when you find a title company that will allows assignments also find out their prices for what they charge to close and negoticiate better prices since you will be bringing them more closings


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