Help in Massachusetts

Help in Massachusetts

Good morning DG family. Well let's see I may have found my broker. Yesterday was talking to a friend. Told him that I started to do real estate investing. He told me that he had a good friend that was a broker. After talking to him yesterday and explaining to him what my game plan was. He seemed to be excited but hesitant at the same time. He explained to me that not having good credit and no money might be hard. So I explained to him some of the different techniques that you can do with no money and no credit. He explained to me being from Massachusetts it may be difficult to do. Because Massachusetts laws are different from other states. Can somebody from Massachusetts that's done deals with this kind of strategies that they use with no money and no credit. So I can explain to him that it will work in Massachusetts. I would appreciate all the feedback that is possible. Thanks Mac


I'm here in MA!

Hi Mac,

I'm in Rehoboth! It is hard to do with no money down. There are private investors on Craigslist but most of them want 10k down. I'm under contract with a property in Providence and I found a broker who does rehab deals. He's in Randolf. You need a 620 credit score but he'll do 85% of ARV. 100% financing with cash back atr closing.

Send me a PM and I'll email you his contact info on Monday. I have all of his information at my office.

Just keep researching. There are brokers who understand the equity is their collateral. There are some awesome REO properties available. I made about 30 calls before I found my 4 or 5 investors. Also if you can find someone local it seems to help them "see" the deal!

Good luck,

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