Most profitable

Most profitable

Ok..Question for anyone who cares to answer

What is the MOST profitable and simplest method of purchasing investment properties known from the Most experienced purchasers/investors of Deans Methods?

I would appreciate all answers and will read them thoroughly.

I am currently a single Homeowner who owns one house
that I live in.I work to pay bills and have little left over for fun,however I have everything else covered which is good,but does not leave me much buying power.

I have considered selling this home,but I have put 3 yrs sweat into it and dont want to let it go for even up,which would mostly likely happen in this market.

I thought about renting it out,but then could have many problems with that also,unless I hired a property managing business to take over.This would cost about 3000 a year but would also be deductible and they can raise the rent over my payment to actually pay for the fees of rental management.

So..If you have any advice..please let myself and others know..thanks


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