What do you say to those, who say you can't do it?! Persistance beats resistance!!!

What do you say to those, who say you can't do it?! Persistance beats resistance!!!

Hey all.

Just thought I would share my thoughts with you. Maybe it is out of place, but I think that at one point or another all of us (including yours truly) have doubted our abilities.

Every night, when my children go to sleep, I get on the computer and get on this site and look through the posts. This site is very addictive, don't you think? Anyway, yesterday, I had a lot of disappointments and was pretty much ready to give up. Tonight, as I was putting my son to sleep, I started thinking as to why, after investing so much time and money into this, why would I just walk away.

Then I remembered something that was said to me a while ago by my former business partner: "People's nature is to focus on those who say "no" rather then those who say "yes"". I guess he was right. I see it more and more nowadays. We fear alot. As we get older, the fear intensifies.

When I was 14, my family came to US in search for that American Dream. None of us spoke a word of English. I started working from day one, delivering newspapers at 5am and then going to school. Then I got a job as a delivery boy in the restaurant, slowly got promoted to a sandwich-man (Yipie!), then to a short-order cook, then I bought my own!!! I was 20!!! I didn't even blink or analyze what I was doing. I just jumped off the bridge hoping that there is a life boat at the bottom. For few years I made my living by buying restaurants on the brink of bankruptcy and turning them around, then selling them off for a profit. Then I got a job as stand-up comedian (on a dare!) Did it for a year!!! Then I bought my first house (handyman special). I couldn't even use a hammer. But! I had no money and, whithin 4 months, I built a deck, learned how to lay a floor and a tile and so one. I was 25 at the time.

I am not saying this to impress anyone, I am just saying that when we are younger, we don't tend to analyze. We live life at the moment and when we THINK that it makes sense to do something, we do it. Why is it that when we are older, we tend to get over-analytical about things?

Then there are those who keep seeing only the negative in our risks. The older we get, the more we listen to those who have only negative things to say to us. "You can't do it." "You can't be serious". "Now is not the time." "This is the worst idea you have ever had". Sounds familiar??? I bet it does.

For the past 4 years, since I got married and had children, I, too, became too causious, too easily swayed off my dream. Probably, because I was afraid that if I mess up, it is not just me anymore, but my family as well. This may be true. But, in the last year, for the first time, I got to spend 3 full days with my kids and I realized how much they miss me. Due to my job, I am never home, and when I am -- I am working as well.

So now, I have a goal! This year is the year I will make my family proud and I won't let those who are trying "to help" by telling me that I am making a huge mistake influence me any longer. I have a plan, and now is the perfect time to impliment it.

To all of the people out here who still think whether or not they should start investing in real estate... If you would be unsure, you would not be on this site and you would not be reading Dean's books. If you are here, you are sure!!! So stop analyzing and start moving forward. Even if you don't succeed at first, keep trying. Persistance beats resistance!!!

MYSELF... I made a first step yesterday --> I emailed my RE agent to start putting in offers on those properties that have been on the market for more then 4 months and all the forclosures. All in all 27 properties. I also told her to ofer 50% off asking price. I have not seen those properties other then pictures and the funniest thing is that I am meeting my RE Agent for the first time this saturday. If Matt's 25:1 rule works, I should walk out of this deal with at least 1 acceptance. I have no buyer's list. All I have is the contructing company, real estate agent, mortgage broker and myself... Oh yeah... I have no money and bad credit too... Just like I did in the past, I just dove into it. It worked for me before, why not???

I just wanted to share this with you guys, because I know alot of you have doubts and uncertainty about Dean's strategies and I know alot of you keep hearing people trying to talk you out of it and friends telling you that you are nuts. You are not alone. The only way to shut them up is to prove them wrong.

Good luck guys and gals!!!





Don't worry about 25:1 just do. Its going to happen. when it does just keep track of what you did to make the deal go through. For the nay sayers why discuss anything with someone that isn't on your level. Learn to keep your own counsel. Get around people who know how to make it happen. If you can find one person who has made their dream happen in the venture you want to take on you know that its possible. Also continue to go back to how you energy was when you were turning those companies around and just don't lose it when you get those deals made. This is nothing just keep your faith. Faith is immortal and all you should have when trying to get into anything.

Going UP

You are on the right track. Full Steam ahead.
Thanks for sharing your story. It is inspiring!!

If what you have done in the past was successful why would you change that? Because of nay sayers who basically don't want to see us succeed as this is a threat to them. Yes we are a threat in the sense that we are on a different level, different path, a path to a brighter future.

People seem to have a problem with us bettering ourselves as they are not.

My life's motto has always been "Life is an adventure. So...LIVE IT!!!" This is the adventure of my lifetime and I am loving the journey. There's something new everyday. I am excited to get up and learn more (even more so that now I am offically unemployed and can do this full time).

Can't wait to hear how your offers go.


Hey Kat:

What I did with restaurants was successful. I just got tired of food industry. I love real estate. I think it's the greatest thing. Thank you Lanat and Kat for the warm words.




I love your story, and just reading it has to prove to you just how smart, capable, and resourceful you are. No doubt you WILL make this work and inspire many others along the way!



"Obstacles can slow you down, but they can only stop you with your permission." Dean Graziosi (BARM pg 101)

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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Thanks Yuri

Yuri, thank you for the inspiring story! We have really made a concerted effort to surround ourselves with positive, supportive people and stay away from the dream stealers. We are very fortunate to have so many supportive family members and friends, and yet we still do tend to worry and doubt at times. During those times, this site has been a GREAT way to encourage us and keep us positive. It is wonderful to be able have like-minded people to talk with, cheer for and bounce ideas off of. Thanks again for this and all your other posts, Yuri! YOU ROCK!! Laughing out loud


Cool Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. -- Henry David Thoreau

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