I think i found a good deal. Help

I think i found a good deal. Help

Im a newbie and i just got a call from a guy with a two family duplex. his asking price is $287,000, but i did my research and found out that its worth between $231,000 and $276,000. the equity in the house is $118,000. i am thinking about offering some were between $242,00 to $250,000 is that too low? please help i want to make an offer by tommorow. THANKS GUYS!!!


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What to do next?

I've read the book, have been driving the neighborhoods found a pre-foreclosure that is worth around 400k and it seems the oowner is in default 106k. I would like to write the owner a letter and am concerned that there are other liens on the property etc. Would be my first deal HELP

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