Putting an investment property in your business name

Putting an investment property in your business name

Does anyone know how to put an investment property in the name of your business even if you purchase the property with personal funds? I was talking with an investor yesterday who had this question for me. I figured it would eb an easy process if you used business funds, but I didn't know how the process worked if you used your persoanl financing to purchase the property.


Cyle Greenwell, President
Max Enterprises, Inc


How we did it...

Hello Cyle,

We purchased 2 properties with a personal mortgage, but wanted to put the properties in our business name for asset protection purposes. We just did a quit claim from our names to our business name. Depending on what state you are in you can have a Title Company help you with this or you can have a Real Estate Attorney draw up the paperwork. It took very little time and we just had to pay to have the paperwork filed which was minimal.

Good luck to you!!!


Chip & Andrea Weule
AC Investment Group, Inc.

outa curiosity

did you guys purchase(close)the property first???Then decide you wanted it in your business names, and that is when you decided to change it to your business name? Or did you guys decide before closing and changed it at that point?


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Wells Fargo Bank

When I was trying to finance a property I called this rep. refer to me by an investor. She worked for Wells Fargo bank, I told her that I had my LLC set up allready and since my score was only 650 can I just put it under my LLC. She flat out told me NO! They will not finance under a LLC. Due to liability reasons. So that was that!