Getting my kids involved

Getting my kids involved

There is alot of truth in what people out here say about positive thinking. I am getting to the point where I don't even tell my family and friends about what I want to do in REI because I am tired of hearing how I can't or it won't work. So I have decided on a new avenue of help. I went to the library and got the book "Rich Kid Smart Kid" and I am rwafing it with my 11 year old daughter. We read 1-2 chapters per night depending on time available after homework. I told her that once I can get set up with my website and 800 numbers that she can work for me. She will go out and hang up my signs and flyers around town or in different store in my area. everytime I close on a deal because of one of her signs, she will receive a fee from me after closing. She can spend half of that fee and the other half goes in her savings account. She can't wait to get started. She will learn alot and have a huge head start in life. After this book we will begin Dean's PFRERN together. A child's positive outlook and enthusiasm caannot be matched by any adult I have ever met (except maybe Dean, lol).


Just finished chapter 2

So far this is great. It's bringing us close and gives her a leg up for her future that I wish I had at 11.

Magnificent idea! The

Magnificent idea! The bedtime reading meant the world to my kids and I wasn't reading Fairy Tales either. Life lessons sprinkled with love will take root and take off. Time well spent, congrats!


That is a great idea for your kids to get involved with you, you also get to keep the money in the family instead of paying a stranger to do what your daughter can accomplish. I am just as excited to hear about your daughter get more involved and learn as much as she can! what an awesome opportunity Smiling

I know how you feel about wanting to keep everything you are doing quiet too....I go through the lectures and negativity all the time as well but glad to hear it is not slowing you down! I'm just getting started with attempting my first deal (just got the books yesterday) Best of luck to you and your kids!!



Thank you for the responses. I just hope I can get a deal done somewhat quick so she doesn't lose her enthusiasm. Kyle I think it's awesome that you're getting involved at 19. I wish I did. I am 39 now and I am up for retirement in January. If I want to have any chance to retire from my job that I hate I need to get a few deals done this year. Good luck to both of you.


Can't believe my daughter.

Today she told me that she asked one of her teachers if she knew anyone that wanted to buy a house. if she did to let her know so she could tell me about it. She REALLY wants to make some money.

That's Great Stephen!

Your daughter is off to a great start, I have faith that she will be a huge help and you will get a deal done for sure. I have not finished Dean's book yet but I hope to get my first deal in the works pretty soon and make money I can roll into the next one. This Real estate stuff is fun and it looks like your daughter is enjoying it too Smiling

....get any better than that....

It doesn't get any better than that. Getting our children involve is an awesome idea, the earlier the better. Our school systems almost teaching us you can only get a job after you completed college, nonsense..Sorry am not advocating school is no good but just the amount of time wasted on it is insane. After all we only go to school so we can get a better job and a good about learning REAL ESTATE INVESTING at an earlier doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out...great move BD. Good Luck.


kbeem298 and tropical

Thanks for keeping me motivated. I have a tendency sometimes to get down on myself and I CAN'T do that this time. This is too important. I am rereading the Profit Right Now book and highlighting the things I have to do. No luck finding an agent yet but hopefully soon I will get the website and 800 numbers setup.

kbeem, have you been concentrating in the Ohio area? I remember seeing alot of rehabs on the internet in Dayton for $5000-$10000. Is that everywhere n Ohio or just Dayton?

tropical I just got my personal fitness trainer cerification a few months ago. The only problem is that even gyms want 2-3 years experience. Thank God REI can be done by novices like me lol


Hi there! I think what you're doing with your daughter is great, too. You're making a father/daughter bond that will last a lifetime, not to mention teaching her r.e. investing! What a great dad you are.

Looking for a real estate agent to work with? I've recently found a good one. I posted ads on CL and Backpage, but didn't get much response. So I went to, pulled up the realtors in my area. I went down the list - if they didn't take the time to post a pic or bio, then I didn't look at them. I scanned the bios - if they mentioned that they worked with investors, or were an investor, or had investment properties, then I made note of their contact info. It took a few minutes to do that, but in 15 or 20 pages of realtors, I found 6. I called them all. Found 2 who said they wanted to work with me - and one who is actually sending me property to look at and is making offers for me. And, in my area there are thousands of realtors, so if this one doesn't work out, I will go back to and look again. If you have the time to do this, it might yeild good results for you too.

I've enjoy reading your posts. Look forward to hearing more about the dad/daughter duo! Happy investing!



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I love this posting would you please copy and paste it into another thread, the link is below. I think that this is valuable information and definitely is a new resource to me at least! I will be happy to do it for you if you like.


My favorite post on this site ever:

"Can't believe my daughter,
Today she told me that she asked one of her teachers if she knew anyone that wanted to buy a house. if she did to let her know so she could tell me about it. She REALLY wants to make some money."

I just love it! Smiling

Now, in your pic. you have your daughter, and I am sure one of those people is your better half and do I see a son there too? He looks younger ... have you put him to work for you yet? Smiling



And with all those great ideas, you say you are struggling... I wish I could put my kids to work, the way my father and I worked when I was younger. When I was 14, my dad and I were delivering newspapers in the morning and then I went to school (we just came to US). So, when my kids get older, I am planning to do exactly the same thing you do. It teaches them work ethics, responsibility and REAL ESTATE!!!
Dude!!! That is great what you are doing! No wonder we are friends, we think alike LOL


P.S. Is your wife helping?



Kids in real estate!

Hey Stephen, way to go man!! nothing like planting the seeds with your own kids so one day they past the same learning experiences to their own kids.

Keep us posted, and much of luck.

P.S. this is my first posting ever, just started reading the book,
this site is so great, keeps us all motivated.


Great Idea - the family team and values

It is such a great idea to get your kids involved with your real estate investing efforts. They will learn the business and may have a better undertsanding of the value of money, time and work. I believe real estate investing where the entire family is on board can bring the family closer as you work together as a team while having fun at the same time. Good luck on all your future deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling


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Thanks to everyone

I appreciate all the encouraging words from all of you. A little about my family for better understang...the girl on the far left of the picture is my 11 year old, Erica. Then my 7 year old girl Shannon and my 4 year old son Stephen. Have not gotten the younger ones involved yet. I have full custody of Erica from a previous relationship. Shannon and Stephen live with their mom a few towns over. Unfortunately it did not work out for us. I also have a 14 year old stepson not pictured who I still consider ny son and when I do a few deals will definately get him to work. Yuri, my ex is not involved because she is one of the people that I dont talk to about this. I'll have to prove it to her or she'll NEVER believe it will work. Sorry to bore you all with personal stuff. Just wanted to share some of my reasons for doing this. We still love each other and I can't wait to prove this buying her a house for her and my children.

I benefit too

Reading the book together with my daughter I think helps me immensly. Not only do I learn by reading it, but because she is only 11 she doesn't understand alot of it. That forces me to explain it to her, which allows me to really double check my own understanding of it. I won't forget something 5 seconds after reading it because I have to explain it to her and answer her questions.


Hey Buddy

Don't worry about your ex. She will see it with her own two eyes. Besides, as soon as you make your first deal, it will just start rolling. First one is the hardest. Take your kids on a trip to NY. We'll hang out, your 4 and my 2 (though they are a little too young).

When either you or I get our first deal, I am stealing a bottle from my liquor store and we will toast to our success.

Keep it up!




Erica, Shannon, Stephen and 14yr old Stepson,

BostonDolfan wrote:

..............Sorry to bore you all with personal stuff. ..........

We are all here for our own personal reasons. I for one love to see and read about personal stuff, - not too much now, I am no therapist! One of the things I enjoy most about this site is the way that we all come out, root for and support each other. One of the things I look forward to the most, down the road, is for all of us to look back at these early posting days and review how far we have come and what a kick your family will get from reading what you wrote when you were trying to change their future! WOW! Something to look forward to don't you think? Smiling
Well now, of course, we need that 4th name!

Having your kids involved.

I love that part of REI. And the roles they can play in it evolve as they get older, and as their God-given talents and desires surface!

REI DEFinitely can be a family affair, and the whole family can reap the rewards. Smiling
Thanks for sharing, Stephen.



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His name is Brendan and he's growing up to be a really good kid. I am very blessed that even though we did not work out, my kids have such a selfless wonderful woman to call Mom.

We'll get that bottle ready soon Yuri

I usually stick to Miller Lite but a little Southern Comfort is in store for a celebration.


Miller Lite??? Hell no!!! Grey Goose baby!!! Well, depending on the deal LOL



life comes fast

Boston i like the 50/50! I can not say anymore about that.


Finally taking action

Got my free website started today! Now I just have to get some properties to list on it, lol.

Let me know if you need help

I was building websites for a living, let me know if you need any help, I will be happy to offer any suggestions or design it for you.




Hey Stephen

Sorry it took so long to respond, I was out of town and did not have access to a computer but yeah Dayton has a TON of them...They are supposed to be the number one city in the country right now for current job/home losses. At least that is what I heard on the radio the other day. I am still trying to get started somehow and just finished the book Smiling Dayton is only maybe 25 mins away from me so I might try there but getting over this hump of where to start first is difficult when I don't have the money to invest. I have been looking for lenders lately to help finance my first deal