I have absolutely no cash and a credit score of under this something that is even possible for me to do? Any guidence or assurance is greatly appreciated. Thanks.



KJ other people on this ite started where you are at now and they are better off today. Keep positive and don't ever shy away from asking a question out here. I'm in the same boat as you. No money and horrible credit. I'm determined to make it though and I know you will too if you dont give up.

Stephen from MA

Hey KJ

Hello. There are alot of people on here that are in the exact same boat as you. It can be done and is being done right now. Have you read any of Deans books yet?


The important thing is you began the journey to make a difference in your life. Read Dean's books and spend time on the DG website to learn about whatever you need to. The investors here are friendly and knowledgable. You can also post additional questions as you find or consider deals. Good luck and Believe and Achieve! Smiling


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