So I found an REO...

So I found an REO...

For $1000.00

The area that this house is in is blocks away from the HS. The last ten houses sold within 2 miles of this property have yielded a median of $250,000.00

I found the house on Realtytrac after signing up for the 7 day trial, and since they're based in Cali and I'm in Jersey, I have to wait till 11 to receive an inquiry on the house.

What should I find out when I talk to the representative?

An answer within the hour would be incredibly helpful. lol.


See the home and make an offer!


You may want to setup an appointment to take a look at the home. If the home has potential, then make an offer on the home. You may want to make sure you have an exit strategy prior to your offer of what you may do with the home, if you get it at a great price. Will you live there, rent it out, or fix it up an resell it for a nice profit? Your offer will be presented to the REO Bank Asset Manager. Good luck with your real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling


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