Hi everyone, I'm a newly licensed real estate agent in eastern CT. I will be a self employed rep. with Century 21. I'm just trying to get my name out there with the investment community. I'm VERY HUNGRY, and a VERY HARD WORKER. I also have a college degree (design/marketing) which I think will be as much of a benefit to my clients as to me. I have owned several homes, and have personally worked on all of them - from sheetrock and mud, to plumbing and electrical. I am also interested in flipping/investing etc. I would love to have feedback from you guys on what you are looking for from your RE agent. I don't have a problem presenting any price to a seller, I think it's all in the presentation. If there are specific ideas anyone has, let me know. I think it would be great to have a collaborative effort, we can be more effective as a team. I'd like to help you make money because it only helps me make money, that's why we do what we do!

Thanks in advance,

Richard Uccello



Uccello (I'm gonna call u that if it's ok...we have sports bars here in MI named that...any relation?),

You said a mouthful, "I think it's all in the presentation,etc...I'd like to help you make money because it only helps me make money."

That's it! It's a people biz. You have to be passionate and confident about what you are doing bc it will show through in all that you do. Represent your clients the way they would represent themselves or better!

When we make money, you make money! It's about long-term business partners and multiple deals...not making gross on 1 or 2 deals.

Your background should help you tremendously! I can't tell you how many times I've rolled my eyes at RE agents when they say, "Oh, you could fix this up for less than $10K" when my builder has already hit it at $40K! Sounds like you might be able to be more realistic. If I found an agent that had your rehab experience I think I could turn it into a Matt Larson / Star scenario. You would have almost complete autonomy in making offers for me!

Good luck! Stay hungry!

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I am a brand-new REI, I just finished Dean's book yesterday. I'm hoping to get the ball rolling quickly! I'm located in NH. Are you strictly working in CT or all of New England?? Maybe we could collaborate. Smiling


Mike, I am only licensed in

Mike, I am only licensed in CT right now. If you are looking in the CT area, let me know, I would love to get something going.

Kevin, thanks for the comments, and you're exactly right - long term business partners are what I am looking for. It's all about partnerships, not just with agents and investors, but also with clients. If you make one happy, they tell their friends, who tell their friends. Good service = good business = good money! I wish you were in the CT area also. Oh, almost forgot - no relation to the Uccello's in MI - at least I don't think so. Sports bar - that's pretty cool.


Richard Uccello


Hey uhhh Richard...any chance you would want to move to Little Rock AR.? LOL! I need a really motivated realtor like yourself. I see so many realtors coming over to the "green side" which is investing. Glad to have you here with us.

Welcome to the site and I know you will find all you answers here since you are wanting to learn about investing, flipping etc... There are some great teachers amongst the whole bunch. If you haven't already bought Deans new book Profit From Real Estate Right Now...I would suggest you getting it.
He has really took the time and broke everything down into everyday language that a newbie investor can comprehend. It is a great book to have and learn from.

Glad to have you here!





If I'm shopping in the CT area then I will absolutely contact you. My mortgage broker is located in Queens, NYC so theres a very real possibility of expanding operations throughout the New England and Tri-state area. If CT becomes a possibility then we'll network.


Good luck with your new career and it appears your client list will be growing. Once you start getting more and more clients, word of mouth is the best advertising and wil lcontinueto grow your list. You have a great attitude and I am sure you will succeed. Keep the customer #1 and in turn the customer will keep you #1 (and will tell everyone they know). Good luck with your new business. Believe and Achieve! Smiling Indiana-Joe


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I am here in CT, just outside of New Haven. I am just getting started and it would be great to work together. I have been speaking with agents lately and so far everyone thinks I'm crazy. You can just imagine the closed minded comments flying my way when I discuss this approach to investing.

It's good to see you are on board with this concept of real estate investing.

Best of luck with your new career.


New Agent

Hi Richard,

Congratulations on becoming a real estate agent. I worked at least 9 years with C-21. You couldn't of chosen a better company! They are global...
When ever people look for ways to improve themselves. You gotta know there is something or someone waiting to put you back into a comfort zone. Agent's are no different. I have been called crazy all my life. It's only because I did the unthinkable! What I dreamed of! We are fortunate to be in this once in our life time opportunity with DG. Take full advantage of it. I have a hard time understanding any agent saying they don't want to get paid. I would rather have 10 little deals going on than none! Agent's are hurting in this market. I spoke with my agent buddy at C-21. She mentioned to me that she only had a couple of closing's this year! I think your off to start with a great attitude! Persitency breeds only success. There is nothing more powerful than a mind that is already made up! Let no one steal your dreams........Continued Success always.



Richard you are the man

You are the real estate agent we all are looking for. I am in NY and will be working with my group here. I know there are many on the site from CT, maybe they have not yet read your forum. Trust me, when they do you will be flooded with PMs. I know you will do great. Keep your momentum and things will happen. Welcome to the DG family and congratulations on acquiring your real estate license. Good luck and God Bless.



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