Foreclosure Unpaid Balances

Foreclosure Unpaid Balances

Hello all,
I have been lurking and reading for several months now and have gotten impatient with myself and decided it's time to start doing, not just reading and studying.
In my ambition today I signed up for and was amazed at what I was finding. It also raised many questions, the one I am looking for an answer to the most is the unpaid balances listed on the site. I see many homes in pre-foreclosure (Ohio) with unpaid balances under $100.00. I read in another forum topic that the amount of default was the amount past due on the loan and the unpaid balance was indeed the total amount outstanding on the loan. It seems however, that every listing I am looking at the values are the same. I find it very hard to believe there are pre-foreclosures with unpaid balances so low.

Can someone enlighten me on what exactly I am seeing here?



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