Finding Foreclosures / REOs

Finding Foreclosures / REOs

What is the best way to research for foreclosures and REOs online?


Dean offers a foreclosure

Dean offers a foreclosure alert finder program which I heard is pretty good. Also I use craigslist a lot to find props, is a site with listings of all homes which I like to use as well.



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I am very motivated and eager to start. I don't need motivation lessons. I need a coach that will walk me through on what I supposed to do to get started, I am sure I will pick up from there. Thanks!

An REO is real estate owned

An REO is real estate owned by the bank. The term REO can be defined as a specific type of property, but in real estate this acronym actually indicates that the property in question has been foreclosed on and has been taken back by the mortgage lender or trustee.There's a website you can go to that links you directly to the lenders, asset managers, and government agencies that deal in REOs. It takes leg work on your part to find them, but at least you can cut through the many services online and go straight to the source.To find out if pre-foreclosure is an option for you, call the County Recorder (or Recorder of Deeds) and ask them what type of debt instrument is recorded against a property's title when someone takes out a loan to make a real estate purchase.
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It looks like you already received a few great tips and information. You may also want to contact the local banks in your area and they should also provide you with information on REOs or who mthey list them with. Most banks list their REOs with real estate agents and then you will be able to find out the top agents in your area that list REOs and get on their email distribution list.

Also, when you approach other real estate agents they can run a listing of all REOs in your local area of interest, just ask them to generate a report of REOs for each area you are working. The listings usually have the word "REO" or "Bank Owned" in the notes section of the listings. Sometimes you may be able to see the notes listing on-line and sometimes the notes are listed in the Realtor notes section which you do not see on-line. I hope this helps. Good luck with REI. Believe and Acheive! Smiling - Joe


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Just wanted to say also Dean offers a site called, which will give you the latest up to date foreclosures in your area and others. Much success to you..................Lubertha



How much do Real Estate

How much do Real Estate Agents generally charge for listings of REOs and Pre-foreclosures? Or do I just need to find the realtor i'd like to work with during my endeavors prior to asking for a list of properties?


Success and Nothing Less!

No charge

They shouldn't be charging you anything for access to REO listings and pre-foreclosures. Concentrate on finding an excellent Realtor (worth their services to you and their commission) to work with to provide with listing of properties that fit your criteria. Cool


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