20 of 20 Bids Submitted

20 of 20 Bids Submitted

This afternoon I submitted the remainder of my 20 REO bids to my agent. My agent's going to turn them in tomorrow(Friday)at his earliest convenience. I also listened to the webcast(tried to) then I had to call in after about 15 minutes of trying to get a virus off of my computer to listen over the phone. That was a pretty motivating webinar. so motivating in fact that it inspired me to throw another ad onto craigslist specifically targeting "CASH ONLY" buyers. Dean's 100% the real deal if ever I've seen any other that advertises making money in real estate without going broke just to get their(the other so-called gurus of real estate)minute bit of useless info. All I can say to Dean is "May God Continue to Bless You"!


Bryant Slade


Good Job and good luck !!


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