Just added 2 more buyers to my list

Just added 2 more buyers to my list

Today I finally got in contact with a past landlord who buys and flips houses and apartment buildings all the time. We talked for a while about the REI business and he agreed to buy any future property from me. He's the second to be added to my buyers list since this weekend, bringing my list to five(5) so far. Does anyone know of another site other than craigslist where I can look for buyers and not deal with so much spam responses?



Bryant Slade


Congratulations on the 2 additional buyers. You can also find more buyers at an auction sale, members of a local real estate club and looking for "for rent" signs in your local area for other landlords that you can contact to see what types of properties they may want. Good luck with your continued progress and REI. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Real Estate Sites

I have found some interesting listings on Yahoo Real Estate. Check it out and see if anything in you area is interesting. On another thread here someone just suggested owner.com. I have not looked at it, but it is supposed to be good also.

Best of luck, make that first deal


congrats !!


Just added 2 more buyers to my list


Keep up the good work.


Keep pushing


There is Kijiji.com it's free classified-ad site similar to craigslist; don't know if you'll avoid the spammers & scammers though. There's also Backpage.com also check out your local newspaper online classified ads for "For Rent" and "For Sale" ads and Thrifty Nickel classifieds. That's about all I got. Indiana-Jones is correct about checking out your local Investment club. Paul, I believe that's who it was, in the online conference call last week, he mention that as well finding buyers at "Real estate investment meeting or clubs".

Oh one last thing, your acquaintances, friends and/or co-workers would be other good leads to find buyers and/or potential renters.


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Hey Max

Good job on building your buyers list. I'm not sure of any other sites that can help you, but why don't you try making a separate email address that you can use just for your real estate. This can help separate some of what you are looking to do, and you can filter spam through that email.



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