Assigning Property

Assigning Property

What are the rules for finding properties to assign? Do they have to be 'For Sale by Owner'? What kind of clauses should be put in the contract?



I know it (my reply) don't directly answer you questions; everything and more, of what you're looking for with exact, same or similar questions already been answered. If you do a search you'll pull up numerous threads on assigning which your particular questions pertain too have already been answered. Here's a thread to get you started;

Oh one more thing yes and no to your last question; you can assign both FSBO and those owners who may already gone and advertise their homes with whatever Brokerage RE firm has their listing under contract with them to sell their home. You just can't advertise it directly to your buyers list until you have them sign a NDA then you can give them the info they need to make a decision whether they're going to buy or not.

You don't want it getting back to Brokerage that you're going around advertising their listing behind their back. If you understand what I'm saying. If you've sold and brought a house before and I know you have, look over the listing contract you may still have a copy of, it specificity spells out what you may and may not do as the owner when the Agent/Broker has your home as their listing. HTH


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Hi Mrsjordanjr,
In the book Chapter 8, It discusses in full detail on assignments. When doing assignments Dean recommends getting a buyers list in place first.Once you have found it take in conideration of all expenses including your profits and repairs and what the FMV wold be. Then the nex step would be to sign an property disclosure form, a purchase agreement with the assignee clause. This is needed because it will enable you to sell your interest from the agreement to an end buyer. Dean has stated that it is better to close these types of offers with an attorney verses an title company. Because if legal issues arises. A title company don't have the means of correcting it. The is a link on the page to the left on this site that has all forms to use. Forms and Docs. Look forward to speaking with you. Continued success............Lubertha




I thank you both. Smiling

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