And the feeling of confusion starts to set in

And the feeling of confusion starts to set in

It seems like I've started to begin feeling a bit lost and helpless now for some odd reason. Maybe it's the pace in which things are moving, or maybe just a bit of depression starting to set in. Either way, I'm beginning to feel as if I'm lost at what it is that I've set out to do. I feel as though I should have already had my first property under my belt because of all the bids I've sent out, but then it seems as if I can't find a decent buyer for the world of me. Just starting to doubt that this is the thing for me, but am tired of giving up on everything that I start out in and want to continue. Seems like misery loves my company and hates to see me leave so it kinda ties a long leash to my ankle to give me just enough room to think I'm free of it and then...SNAP! it's right back by my side. Guess I just need a lot of mentoring and encouragement.

Signed...Feeling Low


Bryant Slade


Hey Max, hang in there, things will get better for ya. Just keep on working towards your dreams and goals and stay positive. Trust me I know how hard things can be sometimes. Just don't let it get ya down. If one thing does'nt work then try others ways to make things happen. Hope that helps a little, keep trying and it will work out...

Keep Going

I truly can understand the point you are at, almost as if you have hit a brick wall.
Remember the heart of so much that Dean said in his books, stay flexible, adjust for the market, adjust for your area. There are many techniques to make money in real estate and I was in the exact position you are, then one day I decided to not look into one of Dean's techniques deeper, but everyone of them and found one that worked for me at this time, this area, and my current situation. Will I use if forever? Absolutely not, but it works now for me.
Keep going for it, it truly is a life changing experience and remember that there are so many properties available for investors, because there are so many people who do not act or loose their vision.

Look at every option you have and every technique you have learned and keep going for it, only determination will make the deal.


Qualifying Buyers

Hi Max cheer up there buddy! How are you qualifying End-Buyers (or investors)? Hang in there don't let your faith waiver,ever, in something you trust & truly believe in. Smiling


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go getum max !!!!!!!!!

"there is no security on this earth, there is only opportunity" -general douglas macarthur


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Hi Max,
You'll get over it! Sometimes you feel this way when alot of information is obtained at one time! You know the way, you understand it! Sometimes it's just you lost sight of which direction to take. Step back and re-group. Find which technique you want to master. And head in this direction. This feeling is just the first phase of succeeding. Recognize it for what it is and continue to move forth on your journey. This is just a last attempt of self doubt trying to keep you in the comfort zone that we spent being push to from the negativety from the world. Your changing, it's a difficult process. Expect all the road blocks to come up that has always kept you from succeeding beyond the points you have already gone. The only difference is, this time your going all the way! Paint a mental picture of you there already and don't let any one in that's not invited by you! See you there.............Lubertha