Need a place in sacramento/nor cal area real estate agents are making me angry

Need a place in sacramento/nor cal area real estate agents are making me angry

I told two people I would be here this week. I told them my flight leaves on Tuesday. I told them I have cash that can be wired once I made the decision to buy.

They strung me along for 3 days. I have to extend my flight now because none of them are getting back to me and the houses are getting sold. I'm ticked. I'm going straight to the bank now because I'm tired of dealing with these people. The only one I can feel I can trust is in LA because he was so helpful. If I ever buy in that area I will use him, but right now I really need something quickly.

This is for a personal home. This is not a resale or rental. I have to extend my flight and pay extra for my rental car and hotel now and extra for the flight and I'm not happy about it. I wish I could just bill them for it. UGH At least I'm also working so maybe I can write off part of the trip.

I don't know what I'm doing. I have a foreclosure list and I'm looking at it scratching my head. Between work and looking I haven't even had time to read the book. I read some on the flight over but now I'm in rush mode.

What's worse? My cell phone is almost out of batteries and I left the charger at home. (rolls eyes) at least I have a laptop and a starbucks/att card, right?

Anyway, I need a home fast. Our lease is up in July and my son needs to get residency for a year for college. If anyone has a place to flip for cheap in the Sacto area or can help me with the REO list I will be your best buddy forever and buy you a starbucks care and pay you a bird-dogger fee.

Thanks Smiling