Need help with Promissory Note Please

Need help with Promissory Note Please

I need help with Promissory Note ..I have read in Forums I need Promissory Note as well as Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality form to get paid for finders fee..I have deal going on but becuase of the situation I can only do finders fee ..

I have motivated buyer(not investor) I am helping buying a condo. since it is bank owned property and the buyer has FHA loan I am not able to do assigment or was looking do the deal with finders fee and I will get paid as soon as the buyer close..

does any one have Promissory Note I can use ...

Thank you all for your help


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Bird-dog agreement

Finder’s Fee Agreement

Date:_____________________ at__________________________, (Enter State)
In consideration of services to be rendered by ____________________ (Finder), and _______________________________________________(Client) hereby employs Finder to refer to Client a prospective:
[]Single Family Home, [] Rental Units, []Land , []Commercial,
[]buyer owner,[] borrower tenant Other___________
1. Finder agrees not to participate in or conduct any negotiations with propects, or solicit loans on behalf of prospects. Finder is/is not licensed by the (Enter State) Department of Real Estate.
2. Finder hereby delivers to Client the name and identity of the following prospect:
Client is:
Single Family Home ,[]Rental Units, []Land , Commercial
, []buyer owner , []borrower tenant , Other___________
3. Finder hereby delivers to Client particulars concerning a real estate parcel that Client might want:
Address: ________________________________________________________
Legal Description: _________________________________________________
Other: ___________________________________________________________
1. As compensation for Finder’s referral, Client agrees to pay Finder as follows:
[][ $ ___________
[] _____________% of the net profit upon sale.
[] _____________% of the net equity upon purchase.
[] Other:___________________________________ ___________________
1. Finder’s compensation is payable as follows:
[] Upon the closing and sale of the transaction involving the above-cited real property (#3), or upon the closing of the first transaction involving the above-cited prospect (#2).
[] Other: ________________________________________________________
2. Should the prospect or the property not result in a transaction involving Client within ______months of the date of this agreement, Client shall owe Finder no compensation.
3. Additional terms and conditions: __________________________________________________________
Understood and Agreed:
Finder:____________________________________ Date ________________
Client:_____________________________________ Date ________________


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thank you.. thank you

thank you so much !!! sorry for late response