how to work a deal with an agent...????

how to work a deal with an agent...????

for al who has an agent on thier is he or she getting paid?

for instance...

you find a property, calulate the cost and your agent to make an offer and its accepted...what % of commision do they make.

on the other hand

they find a property, calaulate the cost and worth...tell you about it. you decide to pursue they make the offer and its accepted..what % now?

is it you always pay them the same..whats a good percentage?

i ask because when i start to interview agents and find one to work...i dont wanna offent them by offering a low cut, but i dont wanna be blind and let them make a huge profit off me either because they know i dont know much about it.

please explain.

thank you.



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This linked helped me a

This linked helped me a lot:

Basically the seller pays the commission to your agent when you purchase a property.

I'm not sure about assignments of contracts or bird-dogging etc. I'd like to hear the answer for that if anyone has it.

Agent's commission

is paid by the seller out of the proceeds that the end buyer pays to the Seller. Commission is negotiable! Seller X and REA can agree on what's a reasonable commission as far as what services the REA is going to do or will be providing to them. There is no set % (amount) regarding the commission. For instance, I can come to you and present to you my marketing plan for selling your own home or other property and tell you, I will do all this (referring back to the marketing plan) for 'X' % commission. You can either accept, reject or counter and tell me what you want me to do (referring back to marketing plan) or base on what services You need the REA to handle) for 'X' % commission. I can either accept, counter or walk away. Leaving open, the opportunity, for another agent to come in and snatch up a potential commission "payday" on a future deal "closing". You get what I'm saying. So never let an agent/Broker tell what you have to pay 'X' % for their services. Their commission is NEGOTIABLE! Or lastly, the Lender will tell the Managing team with Real Estate Brokerage what they're willing to pay them for taking their REO listings. HTH Smiling


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ohhhhh^^^ thanks atl. very


thanks atl.

very helpfull. Now i know how to go about doing a deal. i'll use that to my advantage. i just didnt want to go blind an acept a deal higher than what was worth it.


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