So I bought The Edge...

So I bought The Edge...

I bought The Edge last week, cant wait to get my hands on it, so I guess I'm just over anxious to get started in some way until I actually have the course in hand. What are other Edge buyers doing? I couldn't find much mention in the forums as this is a new product. Should I try flex options (wholesale properties from other wholesalers)? I was a RE agent 10yrs ago but am a newbie @investing. Been on the sidelines way too long, so here I am in the deep end. Put my energy to use! Which way do I go?


Congrats !!

I am glad you bought the edge and that is going to be your greatest investment you ever made with Dean in a short time. Wish I could buy it too but however I have to see what the surgery did for me and see how much I can hear on Thursday. I didnt have the money this week due to the surgery and also didnt want to waste any money on the new tools if it isnt going to help me. I am sure Dean will save me his last Edge Kit somewhere and whenever I am ready and I can call him and have him mail me the kit. He will take care of me and I know he will. I wish you all the best success on the EDGE !!

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Paul T. La Moy

can you tell me more about

can you tell me more about Flex options? Is that like partnering up with another wholesaler and splitting the profit?


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Re: flex optons

Flex options is basically wholesaling another wholesaler's deal, ie they want $100k for a home, we market & sell it to another investor for say $110k. It's a way to make $ when u have no properties tied up yourself. I'm too new to know if DG uses this strategy, so I am asking for direction here. The Edge can't get here soon enough & I want to get started somehow, someway!

Edge came today woohoo!

Only 20min into it but I wanna say I'm pumped already!!!