Property Direct Warning.

Property Direct Warning.

Always get inspections done on Property Direct properties before closing.

I want for the DG family to learn from my mistakes and save themselves some trouble. I purchased a few properties by fully trusting Property Direct. I didn't do my property inspections as one definitely should when purchasing property.

My warning is this: even though Property Direct sells rehabbed properties at DG events, that doesn't ensure that the properties are free from issues. Always, always inspect Property Direct properties.

I have two properties from Property Direct that have major issues (plumbing, roof) that required thousands of dollars of repair only months after I purchased them. An inspection may have saved me from these particular properties.

The mistake was mine. I got swept up in the emotion of DG's event and failed to perform my own due diligence by just trusting they would be selling a solid, rehabbed property.

Always get inspections on Property Direct properties before closing.



That's good to know.
Thank you.

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