End buyers agents??

End buyers agents??

I'm sure I saw this elsewhere, but I can't find it. I have a friend of my parents who are investors, cash buyers. We got to talking about working together and such, like them buying assignments off me and they said that they have signed with and agent that they HAVE to use.

My question is this..what if I find a property listed with an agent, and I'm working with an agent and my end buyer is signed with an agent? HOW does that work? How is the commission split? What other complications would need to be ironed out?

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original agent

The only agent that the seller is going to pay is the one that originally brought the buyer who wrote the contract. That agent's identification will be on the contract. If any of the other agents get paid, it would be up to their clients to make those arraingements.




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If the seller has an agent working for him and the buyer has an agent working for him,the seller and the buyer are responable for paying their commission fees not you.You will pay your agents fee from difference between what the seller takes for the property and what the buyer will pay for the property.Make sure its a good deal so you can make a good profit. hope this helps.

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Al, I'm sorry...this is still clear as mud to me. whurndon.. it seems you are saying that my agents fee is coming out of my profit.

Say, I'm working with an agent that I have an arrangement to bring them in on all deals, even FSBO..they'd take like a smaller amount..i dont know 1% (?). And the buyer i've found has a similiar arrangement with their agent.
Would everyone get paid or would someone's agent have to be cut from the deal?
Or could we do like...3% for our agents and have them split it? (1.5% ea.?)
and who pays again?

(I'm also going by that the listing agent's comm. is a given. So out of the equation)

As I understand it...

...when you lock up the property on contract through your agent, then your agent initiated the sale. The seller would pay commission to the broker who they contracted with. The broker would most likely have an agreement with other agents that they would split the commission. Your agent would be paid her share for initiating the sale of the property.

Example: $100,000 sale price. The listing broker contract is for 7% with the broker sharing the commission with the selling agent (our agent) equally. The listing broker would receive $3,500 and the broker who your agent works for would get the other $3,500. The broker who your agent works with has an agreement with her for her portion of all commissions. If her % of commissions is 80% she would get 80% of the $3,500 or $2,800.

Using the scenerio that you stated in your original post, the agent that your partners are using would not receive any commission because you are assigning the contract to them. You could agree to pay a portion of your profits to their agent if you wanted to do this. If you plan to work with your partners on more than one deal, you may want to reduce your profit by agreeing to pay a portion of your profit to their agent if this will encourage them to do more deals with you.

Is the percentage that you are paying to their agent worth making the deal happen? Would you be able to close the deal if they weren't involved? As the saying goes 75% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

Good luck in your partnership.

Thanks Patrick

for laying it out so nicely! So, basically, their agent getting paid depends on if I decide to share or not? hmm....

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You do not have to pay the Sellers agent fees,this is the Seller's responability,same with the Buyer's agent.You did not contract with them,you only need to pay your agents fees you contracted with.your agents fees may run somewhere between 3%-6% of your profit,that is why you need to make sure you have a good deal agents usually make about 2-3k per deal.


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