Several questions about assigning a property

Several questions about assigning a property

Hello I read the FAQ, but I still have a few questions.

1. In Profit from Real Estate Right Now, Matt Larson says that title companies do not conduct assignemnts and that I will need a real estate attorney. Will an attorney want to be paid up front for doing the assignment? I have very little money, so if that is so, how much will it cost?

2. It is generally recommended that i find a house where the seller has not invloved a Realtor. I would think that in all foreclosures, there would be a realtor involved. Which houses would be lleast likley to invlolve a realtor, and if there is a Realtor involved, can I still do a deal?

3.Can I use some on the template documents on the site to do part of the deal, or should I have the entire process be handled by a real estate attorney?



Depending where you live will determines who will close. If you are located in an area where you use a title company, you can go in and ask them about closing on an Assignment.
The two instances where assignments are hard to get accepted will be where the lender acts as the sellers. Short sales and REO property. They will usually have a "non-assignment clause" in the contract. There is alot of other properties that you can assign on.
Yes, FSBO property is usually overpriced but also FSBO aren't usually that motivated to sell. Use your agent to show you other properties that are listed or depending where you live, preforeclosures. Meaning, where the owners have equity in the home. I would suggest getting an agent with prior experience working with an investor.
When you are an investor, we don't care what they are "asking" for their property. It's up to you to do the calculation and write an offer for what you want to purchase it for. You will never know who is motivated to sell unless you make an offer. Hope this helps.


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I've given up on the Real Estate Agent

TI've given up on the Real Estate Agent. The Matt Larson startegy is a hard sell for anyone, but it is even harder for me because I'm only 20 years old. Even though I have documented proof that the strategys CAN and DO work, they assume i'm just a stupid kid that saw an infomercial and believed everything. The most reasonable agents I have talked to have simply said "no". The worst ones have yelled at me that I am an idiot, said that Dean was a con-man, or laughed and said that the strategy was unrealistic.


you just remember who those idiot realtors were so when you make it in this business you can tell'em well you know lol.....



Most Real Estate agents don't know that much about Investor's strategies when it comes down to Techniques we use.Most Real Estate agents haven't heard of and/or assigns or saying double closing are illegal.Shop around for a good real estate agent,even better find a broker they know more and can get you exactly want you want AND THEY WILL WORK WITH YOU.Don't give up your young,find your nich in real estate an run with it.As Walt said,when you do get down to Business and making more money than those agents that think your crazy,go back and ask them whose crazy now! Hang in there,things will work out for you we are all here to help you.

Good Luck & Good Investing

Use Craigslist or Targeted Pay-Per-Click

I've placed an ad in Craigslist looking for realtors and had great success.

Pre-qualify them first:

"Savvy Real Estate Investor Looking For Savvy Realtor"

"Must Be Willing to View Several Houses and Make Several Offers."

"Must be open-minded"


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thanks for all the encouragement

cylegreen wrote:
I've placed an ad in Craigslist looking for realtors and had great success.

Pre-qualify them first:

"Savvy Real Estate Investor Looking For Savvy Realtor"

"Must Be Willing to View Several Houses and Make Several Offers."

"Must be open-minded"

First, thatnks to all the posters for the words of encouragement.

To the above poster, thanks for the advice, but from your signature, it looks like you have an established firm. I, on the other hand, have never done this before, and I am unliesenced and have no hotline or money for pay per click ads, so you can see how my craigslist ad would look much less credible. I am hoping that cash I get from my first deal will allow me to do those sorts of things on future deals.

I read some of the descriptions of the people who did deals in Profit From Real Estate Right Now, and many of them just used the newspaper or internet, so that is what I am doing. I've made a list of likley looking properties, and I am just flat out calling the owners/brokers and offering cash at 30% less than the FMV if I get a 14-30 day purchase option with an assignment clause.

Thats what I am planning to do at least, I haven't actually called anybody yet.


jonesy congrats for taking some action.DO NOT listen to the ones that think u r to young.SHOW them u r learning these new strategies that R WORKING for people.and r going to work for you if you just keep learning and taking action.asthe others on this site told you you HAVE AN ADVANTAGE IN being young with a fresh mind that sees all possibilities that others cannot see!!! keep reading the books on assignments and reading and contributing to this site and u will be doing your first deal.keep at it jonesy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Jonesy 44

Here's my thought buddy. I'm reading into your posts (reply's) to people's suggestions and, with all do respect, you need to change your mindset. I too started when I was about 20 so I can certainly understand the frustrations and hurdles you are/will have to overcome.

When I talk to young/inexperienced investors I give them a few tips to try to start them off in the right direction. My humble advise, from a guy that's been in your shoes:

Your age is/can be an challenge "IF" you let. The best way I found to overcome age is to never speak of it, never justify your age, because it is a non-issue to you. Be confident in what you do, why you're doing it, and your team around you. The best way to make your age a non-issue is to "know your stuff". You need to be the smartest guy in the room, not the windbag that brags about minor success, but the guy who has solid suggestions and meaningful incite for your target market area. You need to do your homework and do it well. Make people respect you for your knowledge, have them look passed your age and project this "wonderboy" persona. You'll be amazed on how people will flock to you, like sheep, because they want to be associated with a winner, this young guy who's got his SH** together.


Do the exact opposite. Make people believe that you are very serious about this. Ask them questions, ask them for their help, their advice. Everyone wants to feel as if they helped a great success become that success. How many times have you heard someone say, "I used to know (insert famous name here) before they were famous. I helped them.../I coached them.../I used to cut their hair..." Everyone wants to say they helped them "when/before". Does that make sense to you? Make these realtor, agents, brokers, bankers, etc.....make them feel they are the expert and you are the willing student. People will respond.

You have to find what strategies work for you, maybe both will. I know I've had success with both. The best advise though, is do your homework, know your stuff. Regardless of which role above you take, take in all the knowledge you can.

Believe in yourself, you're making all the right moves, and if you screw up (and you will, everyone does), you just learned something (the hard way) but you learned. Don't be afraid, don't let you get in the way of you.

Now, pickup that dam phone and make that call. Get in the game.

I'm here if you need me.

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