Correct me if I am Wrong about Finder's Fees

Correct me if I am Wrong about Finder's Fees

I keep trying to get an understanding of exactly how it works. I do believe I am almost there. Currently, I have asked investors if they offer finder's fees. I have been told yes.

I had to try to make them believe I knew what I was talking about so I asked an investor if he did "formal" or "informal" agreements. He said either or. He said he would pay $1000 at the closing. I think this is great! Only I really don't know what type of agreement to make with I am afraid of NOT BEING PAID...

Can someone explain exactly how...kinda step by step - please if it is not too much trouble.

I think I am supposed to find a property, present it to them, and maybe give them some sort of contract stating that if they buy, that they are to pay me my fee...How does that sound?

The same question is for assigning as well. I find the property, create the contract with the owner, then find an investor, and "sell" the contract to them (?) that they can buy the property from the owner for the same price I negotiated...?
Thanks in advance for the help!


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