Buying A Foreclosures In Maryland

Buying A Foreclosures In Maryland

Hello Everyone,

Could someone possibly respond to this topic that is doing this system in Maryland. I have had several thoughts and conversations about not being able to assign the property in Maryland with the assignment not qualifying for FHA financing and thus not getting the $8,000 credit for the buyer through the Govt.

I am interested in knowing how this is working or how these deals are being made in Maryland which is where i am located. As well since in Maryland you cannot assign a contract(i'm being told) if you don't actually have legal ownership of it the assignment won't work (Again i'm being told) I know this is being done in this state and was wondering if anyone could email me in reference to this working. thank you

my email is green.builder@hotmail or you can respond to this THANKS!



sorry for the mistake

i just read not to put my email address in there after i sent it sorry guys

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