Still waiting on my offer

Still waiting on my offer

I guess no news is good news...but, I am feeling down. I have received no calls from the "mean" listing agent yet. But, I have heard this realtor is asking investors in town if anyone is looking for a good rental property. This is bad news. I also learned SHE lied when she told me that she could NOT submit my estimate for repairs along with my offer because 24 Asset Management only took online offers WITHOUT attachments.

Now, I feel that I am being played because I am new at this. I called the Real Estate Commission in this state and found out realtors here do NOT need to disclose mold BY LAW....only morally they "should" disclose if they know and this listing agent is claiming: YOU know it has mold but, I do NOT know it because I have never looked in the crawl. It is a by as, where is property.

I truly feel we are going to loose it but, I am going to make one last ditch effort and call an investor friend of mine in NC. IF they reject our $25,500 offer I am going to ask him IF he could offer to purchase the house at the EXACT amount the bank bought it back for (53K).....then rent-to-own it to me.

If they do not except the 53K offer ..... just let it go and give up because I am not paying ONE PENNY over the loan balance (which to me, in today's economic housing dilema, seems like way too much).

Thank you all for your kind words and positive thoughts.
I will keep posting with updates (and YES, we are trying very hard not to give up ... chug-a-chug-a chooo chooooo). LOL


~~~~~~ Praying for our dream house ~~~~~~