New Home Completion Cost

New Home Completion Cost

OK. So we found another POSSIBILITY today. A new construction approx 2000sq ft (builder filed bankruptcy) 3BR 2BA. The home's exterior has windows, siding, roof. Interior has tubs installed and piping for sinks, toilets, washer etc. The front door and french doors are on. All interior is studded out. Central heat/air and duct work is done.

Needs to be completed. No electric, no drywall, no kitchens, no baths, no insulation. The garage is concrete block w/no door or floor. No porch, no deck, no driveway.

If we were able to pick this up for about $10K .... what do you think it would cost to finish a HALF COMPLETED home?

It is worth considering?


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Also....for completion, we

Also....for completion, we don't want anything fancy, no granite or high end finishes. WE would also do ALL painting, carpet, laminates, lighting ourselves.

ANYTHING we could do ourselves....we would do to save $$$$$.


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Anyone heard of Habitat

Anyone heard of Habitat ReStore ..... for buying recycled/used building supplies? Could this be a possibility for finishing this home?

OK. I am FULL of 1,000 questions on this may be something that COULD work for our situation.

Completed, the comparable for this home is 134K.
This is accurate because the "completed" house next to it is currently for sale.


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Home Completion

I don't know about the cost for finishing this house but we have a ReStore in my city that gets all types of items. Many times they get new items such as vinyl windows, doors, sinks, cabinets, carpet, tile, etc. I've even seen boxes of new regular and engineered hardwood flooring. If there is one within an hour of you it's definately worth checking out. I look forward to hearing the outcome of this deal. Go get 'em!


You should have a GC look at the house and give you an estimate. Remember you are dealing with money your investment. The more accurate you are the better chances you have in knowing what return youll have.dont guess youll regret it later have a professional look at. There are alot of GC that do free estimates check your local yellow pages. And always get more than 2 estimates.


your incompleted house

KariNmike: I AM NOT AN EXPERT BUT, unless this house is built across the street from a nuclear waste dump or on top of an ancient Indian burial ground, I believe I'd be on this one like chickens on a June bug. Seriously, I would get two or three well-established general contractors who each specialize in a different type/style of home to look at it first but it sounds like you may have a really good opportunity there. I think that, assuming the structural integrity of the foundation has not been compromised, that it alone will eat up the biggest part of the $10k. Best of luck to you!!!


Best of luck and God's Blessings to all who travel here.

Terry Smith


Hahahaha. Chickens on a JuneBug.....that was basically my thought. WOW !!! We could actually do something with this. (Ignoring the large 10 foot weeds growing up in the garage). We looked at a 90% completed home last weekend and considered that one but, when we saw this, we thought we may NOT have the competition that we would with the others.

There are about 15 total homes & lots thru this builders bankruptcy and most are really out of our price range but, a half completed house may be OUR ticket.

We have about 30-40K CASH to work with but, we would come in "crazy low" IF IT IS AVAILABLE. I would like to offer 10K for the home/lot as it sits.

I wonder how much of the home I could get finished for the other 20K ????
I also have a friend who is a GC and he would give me a really great deal on the drywall, etc.
I would be on my own finding an electrician and plumber.

We would also help save $$$$ by doing the easy stuff ourselves.


~~~~~~ Praying for our dream house ~~~~~~

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