Deal Closed with 100% Financing

Deal Closed with 100% Financing

Just closed another deal on Friday, September 11, 2009. This deal is not only 100% financing, but i got money back at closing. For more info about this deal, you can read more about it on my personal journal. I thought i would share this info with everyone and hope that some of you may learn the same methods that i've used to acquire your first deal if you haven't gotten one yet, or another deal for you veterant investors. Good luck!




Congratulations, LL!!!! I know this is getting to be like a piece of cake for you Eye-wink. Thank you for sharing your techniques with us, and thank you for taking the time to keep sharing your successes! It's so fun to watch all the DG "oldies" and "newbies" continue to change their lives thanks to Dean. I feel like we're in an ongoing story that just keeps getting better. Smiling
(And thanks for being a great friend and support. Smiling )

Love ya,



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Thanks for sharing

Awesome lloyd, keep up the good work.
As you continue to grow, keep us posted because we all tend to learn from everyone on here.


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Congratulations on another deal. This is great and you must be thrilled. Thanks for sharing with us. Good luck on your future deals and we can't wait to read about them. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Rina, Jason & Joe

Rina, Jason and Joe, thank you guys so much for the support and word of encouragement. It sure feel great to have closed another deal without using any of my own money. That's the beauty of it, and the more i do it, the better it gets and it can get any better than that. It is my hope that we continue to find success in real estate investing and continue to prosper and profit from it. What a change has been since i joined Dean's team a year ago. It's been a fun year so far and looking foward to close on more properties. Good luck to you all and thanks again for your support.


Congratulations Lloydsap!

I'm happy for you and wish you the best in all of your deals.

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Thank you..

Thank you Lea! I wish you the best as well with your Real Estate Investing!


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