Getting started with first deal. CONFUSED

Getting started with first deal. CONFUSED

Good afternoon everybody. My name’s Anthony. I just finished reading deans How to be a Millionaire and already have a deal lined up. Only thing is I’m a little confused and was hoping that maybe someone could help me out?

I have a buddy that owns a home in Miami, Florida and has been trying to get rid of his home for some weeks now. He said the home is paid off but the people living in it renting it out also said it’s in foreclosure. Ok here’s the deal he gave me. When the house was first put on the market a couple years ago it was valued at 1.2 million. He said right now the surrounding houses in that area are going for 600, to 700,000. Now he has the home posted on MLS for 550,000 but told me because I am family he would sell it to me for 450,000 even if I found another buyer.

Now I have two individuals who are investors and are waiting on me to give them my leads. One even said that he buys houses cash no matter how big the amount.

What should I do now? I suggested reassigning to the owner of the home but he said that we didn’t need to do that. That he would just give it to me for 450,000 and to try to get a bigger offering. I don’t know what to do can someone help me please……………….


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