How do I capatalize on these contacts?!?

How do I capatalize on these contacts?!?

I am very new to real estate investing, ok in all honesty as far as residential goes, I am about 2 hours new! LOL. I am a hard money commercial fund manager by trade but we don't do any residential stuff, however, a friend of mine on Facebook recently posted a short article about the IEE process and Bird Dogging etc and I became very interested in this.

I have an investment banking and private equity background, and work for the US Dept of Treasury (hisss booooo i know i know, I resigned dont worry) and have experience in blah blah blah, doesn't matter cutting to the chase....

My database of Realtor and Mortgage Broker contacts is at about 1.4 Million individuals across the entire United States. It is updated weekly, corrected for old email addresses, CAN-Spam compliant with bounces removed and about 10,000 new added a week by various marketing campaigns.

My question is what is the best way for me to capatalize in either IEE, or bird dogging, or how the hell can I make money by marketing to these people, or using them in the IEE process? Are these kind of people even worth contacting or do you need the High Net Worths only? Please advise by a PM or message my Facebook which you can find on my profile page.

Look forward to hearing from you all thanks!