Where do i Start??

Where do i Start??

I got this book about a week ago and i am almost finished. i am getting really excited to try something new. but the only thing is i have very bad credit and i do not have enough income coming to me where i can get the finances to put money towards anything. how do i know where to start and where do i go from there? any answers will be appreciated cause im lost on where to start.



Congratulations on taking action and wanting to start with real estate investing. You may want to join a local invetsment club and network with others. They can be a great resource to learn from, discuss deals, make other real estate contacts or even find an equity partner for a deal.

If you located and lock up a great deal you will have many options from assigning the deal to taking in a partner. Try to create an action plan, do a little each day and watch your progress grow. You can do it! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Indiana Joe

Great for you Fumetsu. I just finished one of the two books that i had recieved. Im just reading others posting becuz i dont even know how to.
I sorry for using your post to ask Indiana joe or other experienced user.

Indiana Joe

I live in Merced Ca
Everyday i drive home from work or go to the store there is about one forsale sign or empty houses. I have two buyers who they got prequalifies and wanting me to find them a home. Now im really a slow learner and this is something that i wanted to do for a long time but didnt have the courage untill i order Deans book. I have bad credit and very little money for investing. What should i do next? Thanks for your time.

I meant one forsale sign in

I meant one forsale sign in everyother blocks.

I found a seller that missed

I found a seller that missed 2 payments already on two properties.
One is 135k for 980 a month rented out for $800 a month.

The other one is 215k empty for rent 1300

The seller wants someone to take over payment and will give deeds or something like that. Please help

You are the note

Fumetsu and everybody,
If you concern yourself what you do not have;Then you will have nothing!Take a look at:People that have something to give and when you do that-NOW you have all of those things;You did not have!(You would be surprised by telling people who you are in this REI thing,How far you will go{Always get an contract}!
Good Post!!!


Invest in yourself!