Investors Finders Fee

Investors Finders Fee

I'm a new real estate investor that is very interested and motivated to get into the real estate business. I have read Dean's books and are presently re-reading them and taking notes.

I would like to find investors that would be willing to offer a finders fee for possible investments. I live in Maryland on the eastern shore. I'm also close to Delaware so I have access to the housing markets in both states.

Please contact me if interested in working together to create a growth of wealth, confidence, and pride in an ongoing mission to improve the quality of our and our familys lives. I thank you for your time and effort as everyone works so hard to help each other on this site.
I have never seen a community of people so dedicated to the success of others.

I am 27 years old and have a 2 year old daughter named Jasmyn. She is my world and is the reason why I go to work at a job that doesnt pay well and does not give me the opportunity to spend time with her often.
!!!!!!!!I WANT TO CHANGE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My wife and I just bought our first house and want to change our lives for the better. She is going back to school in the spring. And I am looking tgo start a new career. With the books guidance and the support of my Wife, I feel like anything is possible.

They always say the even years are the good years... I welcome them.






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