How or What should i do?

How or What should i do?

Hello everyone

My name is Chan, I live in Merced Ca . I bought Deans book and had just finished it. Im a slow learner so i still need a lot of help. Im trying to get my first deal under my belt. lol

I found two properties that is willing to take over payments, both properties has missed two months of payments, its the same owner out of the area, one house is 211000--1300 a month and the other one is 135000 for 980 a month and is renting out for 800 a month. The owner is evicting the renter due to late and missed payments.
I like to get one of the house or both if i can find some help. The house that is 211k is probably worth 140k and the 130k house is worth maybe 90k. Any suggestions??

I have two buyers prequalified, one up to 150k fha and the other up to 120k, but they dont want any to the house because of the location.

I don't know what to do? How do is start? Please help.
Apreciate any recommendations.


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