Looking for Investors in Southern California

Looking for Investors in Southern California

Hi My name is Jason. My wife and I have been studying Deans course and would love to find an investor in the Southern California area. We are eager to get started and have a lot of contacts to fix properties up to be sold or rented. We are very hard workers, we just need a bump start. Please respond back if you know or are a Real Estate Investor. Thank You




palm springs ca. what do you

palm springs ca.

what do you need??


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I am in Santa Monica

I am in Santa Monica

Hi Palm Springs. I live near

Hi Palm Springs. I live near the Thousand Oaks area. I am looking for an investor to help me buy properties. I am looking for money to get started. There are some great deals in this area right now, but honestly we went through a tough year with being laid off and we are starting from the ground up again. Any help would be appreciated.

Investors in Southern California

I am working with a team here in Southern California doing strictly Short Sales. And with that said this team of experts includes an Attorney, mitigation specialists, Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Investors, and top Short Sale Negotiators that are working together as a team to get most of the Short Sales here in California closed. That means all of California!
Well I thought instead of reinventing the wheel why not work with a team that can not only negotiate with the banks that they know the ins and outs with but can also FUND the the deals for you! which to me is exciting!

So right now I am looking for New or seasoned investors who would like to receive referral fees to start with to get a jump start in their real estate business. This is not an ad, it's just a message that I am looking for anyone who needs help. Please PM me for more information.



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Investors in So Cal

Hi Jason

I am also a resident of Ventura county, there is an investment club that meets
at Marie Calenders in Simi Valley on the second Thursday of each month, would love to see you there?


Investors in So Cal Riverside

I to am looking for Investors. I'm new and it's hard to get started have had some set backs but, still learning any information is good information it's all in how you use it. Anyone know of Clubs in the Corona/Riverside area. Thks William

Referral fees are always good

Hi Arnold, always looking for information seems like where neighbors I'm in Corona. Just starting out myself some set backs but, keep going I always say. I would like to lend an ear let me know could use the help. Thanks William

Corona/Riverside Investors

Hey SoCal Buddies,

I don't how far you are willing to drive, but you can check out the Coachella Valley Real Estate Investors Club. We hold meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Check us out at www.meetup.com/cvreiclub

Press on...



It's a great place to invest. Keep in mind your typical
investor doesn't have to live in California. So what kinds
of deals are you looking to accomplish?


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