sales by brokers

sales by brokers

Hello again,

Im really getting fired up,thank for all th einput and pointers in my previous posts. Im looking all over for properties. Im getting over my paralyzation from overanylization!
So, my question today is, has anyone made a cotract with a broker? do you lock the property pu the same way as with a FSBO? I've found some nice properties that are for sell by brokers, but I dont know how to go about it.


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You should first go out and find an agent that understands what you are trying to do, especially if you are trying to do Assignment of Contract. This will take a high level of understanding of the technique on your part so you can explain to them what you are trying to achieve. You will let them know that you are not replacing them in the contract and that they will be compensated for their efforts. You will stess the fact that the only thing that will change in the transaction is you as the buyer, but if you placed "an or assigns" after your name in the "buyer" section of the contract then actually the buyer didn't even change. You will want to ensure that you are working with assignable contracts - and know how to overcome a non-assignability clause.

Other than those items, when working with agents everything will transpire the same way. They should actually make things easier for you!


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thanks, i just started

thanks, i just started working with a agent, and its going well so far.


Yes, it would be very beneficial for you to establish a relationship with a broker. I have three brokers that I work with and they also manage properties for me. It's pretty much the same as making an offer with a realtor, but the main benefit is that the broker typically can give you deals before the property goes to the MLS.


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An agent can be a real help to everything you want to do with real estate so keep looking.

Good Luck!


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