Good Realtors are Hard to Come By!!

Good Realtors are Hard to Come By!!

Hello my wonderful DG family,

I'm just taking a minute out to encourage everyone who have not found a good realtor yet. I assure you that I have went through over 20 agents. I'm starting to see why some investors don't like dealing with agents. I have dealt with far more agents who knew very little about real estate, yet alone investing. I understand they are taught to pass a test, but in any field, you should fine tune your craft. Even the greatest investors such as Dean are constantly fine tuning his craft from other investors and he says he has even learned from some of his students.

My interview process is very straightforward. The agents say sure I can do that. I have no problem submitting low offers.

I thought I had a great agent, she's worked with investors before (I've heard this one too many times and it means nothing). She does BPO's for banks, experienced in REO's, etc. I just knew this agent was a jewel, I had a spreadsheet with all the offers I wanted, copy of a blank check, POF letter, offer cover letter, etc. I was ready to roll. She would correspond with me at first, but after I got everything in, she never called back. On 2 occasions, she said she would call me back. So, I'm a sitting duck waiting. I emailed about my concerns as I needed to get offers in and if she was busy or could no longer assist to let me know. No response, almost a week later.

I had a back up agent who really wanted to work with me after our meeting. He did not contact me back when I submitted 2, just 2 offers that his assistant sent me. His assistant was upset b/c he did his part as an assistant.

Ok, so another agent who says he has no problems submitting low offers contacted me. I send in all my info again so he can submit offers, and I get a call today saying, "I looked at your spreadsheet and I won't feel comfortable submitting those offers as they are not realistic and if those types of deals are accepted, you'll be a millionaire overnight." Why thank you sir, I appreciate that.(Not to mention, the offers were only 60-65% off FMV, not even 30-50%).

So, I saw a posting for an agent who just passed their real estate test. So, I will see if she is a good fit being that she may be motivated as a newbie. Hopefully, investing strategies, etc does not intimidate her. If it does, on to the next.

I am looking forward to the day, my entire business is automated and systematized and when I can get a system that will send out offers for me even while I sleep. However, it's good to have a couple of good agents on your team.

I'm not discouraged, I am ENCOURAGED. This just means I'm getting closer to my destiny. Opposition always comes before elevation. So, thank God for the valleys.

DG family, it may seem like we have been set back a couple of weeks or many times depending on realtors or others, but what we lose can easily be gained back.

In summary, Dean and a lot of the DG family have said you will always get others saying it won't work. No is never an option. Stay blessed and let's end strong in 2009, setting up for a powerful 2010.


"You were born as an Answer to a Problem"


Thanks for taking the time to encourage other about finding a good real estate agent. As you indicated it may be work, but when you locate a good person you can work with it will benefit you and them for years to come. The key is staying positive and confident along the journey. Great insight and advice. Good luck with real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Joe Jurek CPA

Thanks Joe

Thanks a lot for the feedback Joe.


"You were born as an Answer to a Problem"