Property values

Property values

Hello again,
So I've been searching a Zillow and on the county appraisers site for property values. I noticed that the value of the property is lower on the county site than on Zillow. Which one should I use to make an offer?
My agent usually has a price in the middle of the two values.



After you've researched a few places for value, then come up
with what you think the price would be that you would like to offer based on your research. (The one that fits the formula for 10% or more profit)

You'll get better results and you'll be able to fully justify and speak to why you are offering the price you are.

That's what I have been learning with this site and Dean's books.

Good Luck!
How's it been since May?


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thanks, i've been doing

i've been doing that, and it seems to be working. most of the sellers arent accepting the offers, but one of the eventually will!

TotalView Real Estate Tool


This is a really good tool on this site that you can use to help estimate property value.

In my area, I've noticed the county appraisal is about 20% lower than FMV give or take a couple of points. And I've found that because the TVRET website compares up to three different property value sites... it averages out really really close to FMV in my area.

I hope this helps.

Brian Carter

Property values

I would also have my agent run comps in the area for the last 30 days. The sale price of similar properties in the area will aid you in establishing an offer.

Real Estate Value

I've used TVRET and Zillow, are there any other web sites you could recommend.
Thanks, John



I too have been using TVRET. Awesome...and free. I comped my home and then asked my realtor to do the same. She valued my home at 70-75k. TVRET values came in at 61k. How great is that!WHat a boost it gave me know know that if I was to offer on my home the value TVRET gave I would have had a bargin right out the gate. Zillow likes to use the SEV method. Not the best for MI. With the number of foreclosures and short sales and prop taxes going down if not out right flat lined.I'm not much of a fan of zillo which is MY opion. Furthermore, I just don't use it.
Once again I have to thank Dean for providing such awesome tools at no cost.
Thanks Dean.
Best of luck and I hope your questions bring answers!

Earl in MI


Earl in MI
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