Hi DG family! So here's the situation, I started submitting offers on REO properties. A lot of the responses have been: we can submit the offer to the bank as long as you have a bank statement with the funds you offered on the property. So that's the problem, I don,t have the money for the properties, so my question is what the proper way around this? But the simple fact is I don't have a bank statement with thousands of dollars, However I do have buyers list of people that are willing to pay cash, so it's not like im completely oblivious. What should I do?
p.s. i was planning on doing assignment deals on these REO properties


Hmm... I'm not sure how to

Hmm... I'm not sure how to go about this one. Especially since they want a bank statement. Are you going through a realtor or talking to the bank directly?

What you COULD do is get a proof of funds letter if you got your buyers set up so you can push the deal over. There's a company that will give you the proof of funds letter for situations kinda like this.

There's plenty of people that have dealt with REO's before, I myself haven't Smiling But I thought I would at least offer up the idea.


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thank you, can you explain

thank you, can you explain what this link is? I browsed throw it and wasn't 100% on what it was.

Thank YOU

dicegame78 Your link looks like it might help make my 1st deal become a reality. I will check it out more tomorrow during business hours. I will keep you posted.



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flash funding will give you a POF letter right off the internet.

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Do they charge for the POF?


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