Assignment and real estate agent

Assignment and real estate agent

I almost finished reading profit from real estate now. I have one question if i start assigning and I find a good deal and want a real estate agent to find me some comparisons for that house. How does that agent get paid and around how much. I am not asking 4 anything else from the agent I just want to know does it come from my pocket or do I split my commision


agent compensation

If you are working with an agent and making offers through that agent, he/she should be willing to look up comps on the deals that don't involve them just as a service to you.




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Always keep in mind that this is relationship building. With you using a realtor in a transaction, yes that makes them money. Most agents will provide comps for you and as many as you want, if you are using them just as alchistmann said - But!! You should be aware of taking from an agent and never giving back. If you have an agent that has been helpful, and went out of their way to provide information for you, let them know that you appreciate their effort. Offer to take them out to lunch at Burger King - send them a $10 gift card to McDonalds, something small. Trust me, it will not be forgotten! Build good relationships - give back!


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Agent Compensation for their work on Comparisons

Personally I would compensate the agent as Salden stated or I would probably depending on what you get paid $50 to $100 dollars. If you build good and fair relationships you will be the winner in the long run. Remember you have to be fair and honest with the people you work with and you have to treat everyone like you or the way you would like your family to be treated.

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