Short Sale

Short Sale

Hi everyone. I've been studying this past few months about short sales and i think there is a really big potential to do this as a business. I have my partnership with a Loss Mitigation Company who will be dealing with the offers with the bank.. Im just concern what if a RE agent give me a lead which is already been approve with the bank, can i still negotiate to lower the price so i can get a better spread? Anyone who specialize in this area? any suggestion will be very much appreciated Smiling



You can make a lower offer and negotiate a better deal. I think your chances would be better if the property has been on the market for a long time. Discuss this with your Mitigation Company, and see what their opinion is.




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Short sale

The real estate agent will only give you leads on listed properties. The offers will be going through the listing agent if the property is listed. The offer would first be accepted by the property owners then presented to the bank to see if the lender will release their mortgage on the property for the amount being offered.
You can make the offer on your terms and it either gets accepted or rejected. I'm curious, is the Loss Mitigation company primarily representing the owner/seller, the mortgage holder or you the investor?


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thanks Al the loss

thanks Al
the loss mitigation company is representing me. the owner just want to get out of the mortgage

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