35 ways to get paid in Real Estate

35 ways to get paid in Real Estate

35 Ways to Get Paid in Real Estate

1.Wholesale ugly/vacant houses to landlords, rehabbers, contractors

2.Using flex option to flip other people’s wholesale deals

3.Flip subject-tos to owner-occupant buyers and landlords

4.Flip lease options to tenant-buyers and landlords

5.Using flex option to flip pretty houses to owner-occupant buyers

6.Flip leases to tenants

7.Equity Sharing

8.Auction houses for investors


10.Staging for profits

11.Charge FSBOs and investors a fee to market their houses

13.Teach others what you know

14.Refer rehabbers to hard money lenders

15.Sell lists such as vacant houses, city code violations, tenant evictions, fire damage reports, out of town owners, probate notices, pre-foreclosure notices

16.Skip-trace sellers

17.Putting out signs

18.Putting out flyers

19.Sell your seller leads to agents and loan officers

20.Sell your buyer leads to other investors, agents, and loan officers

21.Sell your tenant leads to landlords agents

22.Sell you buyer/tenant leads to credit repair companies

23.Create a Property Hot Sheet and sell advertising to vendors

24.Negotiate liens and judgments to clear title issues

25.Charge to run comps

26.Charge to estimate repairs

27.Charge to manage repairs

28.Charge to notarize documents

29.Negotiate forbearance or workout plans or loan modification

30.Sell bankruptcy kits

31.Postpone foreclosures

32.Sell short sale leads

33.Sell a resource list

34.Sell a startup kit

35.Classified ads for investors


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